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    Event Manager (Version 6.3.36, Released 26 March 2007)

    The premiere software utility for extracting and transfering events from GeoSonics SSU 3000 Seismographs, floppy disks and "zip" files and for extracting both SSU 3000 and SSU Micro event GeoSonics file manager programs installed on the Sharp Wizard handheld computer. The latest release includes instrument setup utilities for 3000-Series and Micro II Seismographs. Addresses an OCX that was causing "not licensed" to appear on the application header due to a control change by vendor, using same version number on OCX. Added stop event triggered by air overpressure channel. PDF manual ...

    For Windows 98, 2000, and XP.

    Analysis Package (Version 6.3.37, Released 21 May 2007)

    GeoSonics' comprehensive software to display and analyze data from Geosonics' data recorders. It features Compliance reports, Waveform plotting, FFT computation, and a sophisticated export facility. The latest release includes support for GeoSonics' Micro II Seismographs and new models of printing seismograph. Adds support for G3K file extension for use with SSU5500 compact flash cards. Added stop event triggered by air overpressure channel. Changes include adjustment to fft routine to accommodate records shorter than 5 seconds. PDF manual ...

    For Windows 98, 2000, and XP.

  • Manuals and Additional Resources
    • Software Manuals
      Seismic Analysis version 6.3 Manual includes instructions for data storing and saving, Compliance reports, Waveform plotting, FFT and included GeoSonics export and process utilities.
      SSU 2000DK 144M Disk Utility Although included in the Seismic Analysis, this manual is listed separately for clients who have recently upgraded their SSU 2000DK for use with 1.44M diskettes.
      Using HyperTerminal for 3000 series communication Alternative method for downloading and setting up GeoSonics 3000 series Instrumentation using the communications package typically bundled with Windows operating system.
      Micro-Seismograph Command Software Manual Covers communications for data downloading and instrument setup for SSU Micro-Seismographs.
      Advanced Analysis Software Manual Details velocity and air over-pressure regressions, power spectra analysis, multiple waveform reporting and sustained trigger (real time data collection) utility for wavefrom player.
    • Equipment Manuals
      SSU 5500 Series
      SSU 5500 Upgrade design of LCP+ to incorporate a compact flash memory.
      SSU 3000 Series
      SSU 3000LCPPLUS Portable seismograph with internal memory and removable Nicad batteries
      SSU 3000LCP version 3.2 Portable printing seismograph with internal memory and rechargeable battery
      SSU 3000LC version 2.x Portable seismograph with internal memory and removable Nicad batteries
      SSU 3000LC version 1.x Portable seismograph with internal memory and removable Nicad batteries
      SSU 3000EZ PLUS and SSU 3000LC version 2.x Portable seismograph with internal memory, integral case, lead acid rechargeable battery
      GPS Acquisition for 3000 Series Seismographs GPS acquisition for 3000 Series seismographs standard feature on 300LCP, Plus and LC (version2.x) which allows GPS location data from a variety of standard off the shelf GPS units to be updated to the seismograph header
      SSU 2000
      SSU 2000DK version 3.30 Portable printing seismograph with internal disk drive. (720K diskettes)
      MICRO-SEISMOGRAPH - PC programmable seismograph with internal memory
      SSU MICRO-SEISMOGRAPHS QUICK-TIPS OPERATIONS GUIDE Operating guide for using Micro-Seisomgraphs with GeoSonics Windows based, PC software
      SSU MICRO-INTERROGATOR and SUMMARY REVIEW PROGRAM Operations manual for SSU-Micro-Interrogator, a handle held device for set-ups and reviews in the field
      HYDROPHONE For measuring hydrodynamic pressure changes in underwater environments.
      EXTERNAL ALARM Alerts users if preset trigger levels are exceeded.
    • Additional Resources


      The following accessories are available from GeoSonics. They are compatible with the 3000LC, 3000LCP, 3000 LCP PLUS , and 3000EZ (except as noted).
      • Amplifier (10X, 100X)
      • For amplifying and recording low level ground vibration. Also available as a 2000DK accessory.
      • Hydrophone
      • Measures change in hydro-sonic pressure; standard configuration includes 200' cable. Other lengths are available. Also available as a 2000DK accessory.
      • Accelerometer (pdf)
      • Measures from 0.03 to 10 g's.
      • Dialer
      • For use with the alarm system. Requires dedicated phone line. Automatically dials pre-set phone number(s) to alert user that unit has detected a vibration level that exceeds the user-defined trigger level.
      • Sharp TM Wizard with My3000 Interface Software
      • Handheld device for programming and downloading 3000 Series Seismographs . More information available.
  • Calibration and Repairs
    GeoSonics Inc. is proud of the excellent reputation of our full-service repair and calibration facility located in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. All of our technicians have electronic degrees and are trained extensively in the operation and repair of our seismographs and data recording equipment.

    Seismograph repair
    Our goal is to provide out clients with timely, cost effective calibrations and repairs. Geosonics' Quality Assurance Programs are geared toward providing the reliable, personalized service that our customers demand and appreciate.

    For repair and calibration services contact your local GeoSonics representative or Joy at the GeoSonics Service Center in Warrendale, Pennsylvania.

    Joy Griffin
    Domestic Sales & Service Manager
    724.934.2944 (Fax)
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